My Bio

Welcome to my blog. I invite all authors, writers, bloggers, readers, editors, publishers, agents, bloggers, social media gurus, marketing geniuses, friends, family, and everyone else not mentioned to follow my blog. All are welcome here. There are no limitations, ask your mother and grandmother too. I welcome feedback and as well as all recommendations to benefit or improve my blog. Please email me at My intent is for this blog to be beneficial for all.

The following is a short bio to introduce myself to you. I am an English major with a lifelong hunger for writing, which began as soon as I learned the alphabet and my thoughts started traversing from my mind to the pencil I held in hand, dropping words onto the blank piece of paper before me, and moved the words around until they made connections. 

I have more than 35 years of professional writing experience. I write in several genres, and I currently have three manuscripts I am working on, completing one at a time, of course. To sum me up: I am a writer, blogger, beta reader, editor, book reviewer, veteran, and soon to be an author. I am a member of the Women’s National Book Association, National Association of Memoir Writers, a professional book reviewer for NetGalley and traditional publishers. I also review for indie writers, as time permits. I am obligated to read and review the books I receive frrom NetGalley and other publishers before reading and reviewing indie and self-published books. I began reading and reviewing books to get back into my writing mode after 28 years of military service, as well as to garner name recognition.

I read and review [edited] Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs), as well as recently published books. I am a beta reader (finding errors and suggesting improvements), and I provide editing services (message or email me for my editing rates). I read unpublished books by their publication dates, and before reading recently published books. I write my reviews for the reader and not the author; although if you read my book reviews, you will find that my reviews are very fair to the author.

In addition to reading and reviewing, I also conduct author interviews and participate in blog tours. All of my reviews include the author’s bio with photo, links to the author’s previously written books, author’s website, and all social media sites, as well as links to where the author’s books may be purchased. My preferred genres are Biographies, Memoirs, Health, Mind & Body, Historical & Literary Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Nonfiction (Adult), Poetry, Politics, and Self-Help, Women’s Fiction, et cetera. 

Note: As June 1, 2019, I am not currently accepting indie and self-published books to read and review due to health issues. However, if you are interested in an author interview, or blog tour, please contact me at, or through my blog contact page. I will update this page when I return from the Mayo Clinic and begin accepting indie and self-published books to read and review. Thank you for your understanding.

I invite you to follow me on my other social media sites: Twitter (@dbmoone), Instagram (@dbmoone), and Facebook (@dbmoonespage).