4 thoughts on “Book Review: BREAKDOWN: A Clinician’s Experience of Emergency Psychiatry

  1. So sad and terrifying. Experts always say not to equate mentally ill people with school shootings, but how do the two NOT equate? A mentally healthy person would not go into a school and shoot a bunch of their classmates, teachers, and parents. It’s heartbreaking, how we treat our mentally ill in this country. I work with an advocate for prison reform, and he writes about the need for mental health help in our prisons. Devastating.

    I’ll be sharing your review, DB and thank you to Lynn Nanos for an eye-opening look at our country.

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    • Thank you, Rachel.

      You’re absolutely right, however, imagine how many fewer mass shootings we would see by the severely mentally ill if we had legislative laws that applied to every state in the U.S. that focused on managing the severely mentally ill that required medication. We would see less homelessness, less violence, fewer mass killings, less victimization, and less imprisonment. When a psychotic commits a horrendous crime that results in death due to not being medicated, sending them to prison is not going to help eradicate the epidemic because they are not going to get the psychiatric care, the right diagnosis, the right medication, or the controlled therapy they require. Those sent to prison and jails are going to continue to mentally deteriorate as Lynn Nanos points out in her book, BREAKDOWN.

      I can personally attest to this being a critical problem in the prisons and jails due to my prior work in the military as an anti-terrorism/force protection officer. I’ve seen the decline in both military brigs, as well as enemy combatant, or detainee camps. There were always more mentally ill than there were psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers to provide adequate time with the mentally ill. I see the same thing today in the VA, regardless of what you read.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this post. But most of all, thank you for ALL you do for so many in crisis, as well as managing and supporting authors and writers, et cetera.



    • This was an eye opening book and I started to call you to ask you a couple questions about your facility. BREAKDOWN was published in Ocober and is available for purchase.

      Thank you for reading and responding to my posts, Johnitha. 😉


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