Soul Connection



What was your question? Was I supposed to ask a specific question? You were waiting for my answer. Are you trying to make me crazy? Trying? Are we on different pages? Anything is possible, but I don’t believe we are. You are different than others, in the unique sense of different. Are you finally figuring this out? How would I know before now? Know what? Don’t start with me! Exactly! How did you know? Know what? Stop laughing at me! Stop stuttering! It isn’t fair. It’s never fair. We’ll figure it out.

It really isn’t fair. What isn’t fair? You know. Know what? Know that know is now, not know. Good one! Thank you. I’m laughing. You should laugh more. I find it difficult. You’ll find that it gets easier. How many F’s does it take to spell difficult? How many K’s does it take to spell now?

Now, I’m belly laughing. Your laughter delights me. I like that. I’m proud of you. Thank you. You’re welcome. I never laughed like this alone. You’re not alone. Am I not? You’re never alone; I’m always with you. You’ve been in my head. I’ve been in your head? You scare me! Not as much as you scare me! I’m laughing again. As am I. Of course, you are.

I thought I lost you. I thought you left me. Were you gone? No, were you? You will never lose me. Promise me. I promise you. I like the picture. What picture? This one. Anything to make you smile. You’re very good at that. You’re spoiling me. High compliments. Have I failed to tell you this? I don’t respond with extremes. Have you failed to notice this? No, I have not failed. Good! Good?

I don’t want to interrupt. I want you to interrupt. Are you sure? Are you ready to do this? No. How do you know? I know you. Go ahead. It won’t be easy. It’s never easy. It’s been… Yes, it has. I enjoy… As do I. Stay with me. I’m with you. Now what? Is it time? Yes, I do believe it is time. You’re pretty sure of yourself. Why yes, yes I am.

You should go while you can. Okay, I’m gone, baby, gone! And take that smile with you! It’s your smile to keep. I shall keep it forever. Goodnight? Tomorrow? Absolutely! Okay, I suppose I’ll do this now. Hey! Hey? I wanted one more moment with you. There are never enough moments. No, there are never enough moments. Okay, you should walk away before I keep you here with me forever.

Shall I go? Yes, go. Good night my sweet. Goodnight to you, my sweet. Bye! Never bye! Adieu? Yes, adieu. Wait! Yes? What happened to our sighs? I deleted them. You’ve got me laughing again. This is the best way to part. I agree. Adieu. Adieu, sweet one.

By D.B. Moone – Art by Two Spirits One Soul

Note: I wrote this playful Piece approximately ten years ago. I have been traversing back to find the old pieces of me before I stopped writing poetry and began writing in other genres. I’ve been in a rut for a while with my writing, although I started two manuscripts this time last year and was moving along at a steady pace until I had rotator cuff surgery, which consisted of three separate repairs. What I’ve learned by going back to my beginning is that it can be the kick-start that is needed to remind me why I first began writing and propel me forward, deeper into my writing. My gratitude extends to Cynthia R Minor, Phyllis Edgerly Ring of, Carolyn Avalinani of and all the writers, bloggers, editors, publishers and friends who continue to support and encourage me. Thank you all. <3

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