New Release! THE BONE CURSE, A Genre-Bending, Supernatural Medical Thriller

standing color cropped tiny for blog postsCarrie Rubin, with a background in medicine and public health, and is the award-winning author of Eating Bull and The Seneca Scourge. Carrie’s third medical thriller, The Bone Curse, Book I of her Benjamin Oris series is available today.

Early reviews are raving about Carrie’s brilliant writing, as well as her unique ability to deliver a supernatural masterpiece that is intermixed with suspense and humor while keeping the reader yearning for what’s coming next. The following are bits and parcels from a few of the reviews that are available in their entirety on Carrie’s blog.

Mya Alexice from Foreword Reviews writes, “The Bone Curse is a strong medical thriller––inclusive, skillfully written, and inviting.”

Kirkus Reviews writes, “Rubin’s novel is a solid medical thriller with a touch of the supernatural. Her sharp prose is rife with medical jargon, but it’s always comprehensible; it’s perfectly clear, for example, that a high eosinophil (white blood cell) count is a bad thing and indicative of sickness. Ben is an appealing protagonist, but the myriad secondary characters shine too, including Laurette; Willy, Ben’s dad; and hard-edged attending physician Taka Smith, who becomes more sympathetic as the story goes on. The explanation of the curse reveals a fairly simple origin, but it’s one that allows a potent final act and a ceremony that could entail a good deal of bloodletting. The story also treats the Vodou religion respectfully; as Laurette says, it’s “not the Hollywood version of voodoo dolls and zombies.”

BWitzenhausen of Boho & Bookish writes, “The book weaves a tale through medical anomalies, Haitian Vodou and the bonds of family and friendship which culminates in a heart-stopping conclusion. The characters are interesting, quirky and believable which when combined with an intriguing plot will keep you turning the pages until the wee hours of the morning.”

Get your copy of The Bone Curse today from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and other book retailers.

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